Friday, November 03, 2006


dawnDriving3, originally uploaded by AustinT.

I spend at least an hour a day in my car. Since the clocks went back, Ive been driving at dawn (rather than in darkness) and the skies have looked particularly amazing.

dawnDriving2, originally uploaded by AustinT.

I havent had my little ixus in the car, for some reason, so Ive taken a few shotzs with my phone.
The cool thing about this blog is being able to put up camera phone shots that i would never put anywhere else. Yes, these are crappy unproffesional snapshots.

dawnDriving, originally uploaded by AustinT.

The photos dont even begin to capture the beauty, but you get the idea.
There are a few places that I really want to capture properly, like a river I pass over everyday which looks incredible with mist on it, but thats going to be captured on film I think so it may appear online someday.

clearer, originally uploaded by AustinT.


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