Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I got 99 problems....

posin, originally uploaded by AustinT.

No I dont really.. just thought it was an appropriate title.
and yes.. the photo was taken by my wife...
Random random random..
This is a post of random photos..
Oh and a bit of complaining.
I left a black and white film in to get developed last week and was amazed to find that it takes two weeks and costs £18 ($33 ). Is that insane or what?
So.. yeah, when i move house next month, one of the things on our list of things to do is to set up a darkroom somewhere in the house and do it ouselves.. That should be entertaining.

stretchinlegs, originally uploaded by AustinT.

Here are a random bunch of tourists. On the day trips we went in Cuba, the bus would stop at some point along the way for some leg stretching, peeing and grabbing a quick smoke/ coffee/ whatever.
Shocking fascinating news huh?
Anyway, it always seemed like a good time to take random photos.

getbackonthef**kingbus, originally uploaded by AustinT.


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