Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Black and White

Tree1, originally uploaded by AustinT.

I increasingly prefer black and white photography.
The little point and click canon Ixus I bought recently allows me to shoot digital in B+W, which is a lot less hassle than my usual shooting in colour on the dSLR and converting later.
I also recently bought an actual FILM camera too.. but thats another story.
Anyway.. I prefer black and white, generally speaking.
The pic above is a snapshot. Nothing special.
Its not composed properly, it isnt centred right but i still quite like it as a snapshot. I like the angle and perspective. If I had actually taken a few seconds over it it could have been really nice, but.. I am lazy, and hey.. i was on my honeymoon.. and not really trying. Thats beside the point though.
I also shot it in colour. Simpy cuz at the time i was thinking about the b+W vs colour issue.
And in colour, I dont like it at all.

Tree2, originally uploaded by AustinT.

Street photography does tend to be primarily black and white (what do you mean you didnt know that??? go read the rules ;). This is something I am increasingly interested in. I tried taking quite a few of these sort of shots while we were away. Black and white does definately work better... however, some shots still seem better in colour!
I quite like the two below. However, making them with a compact definately is not the best way. Not having control over the aperture and depth of field really does reduce the overall quality of the shot.
So here are two examples of my street photography in cuba. The first definatly works in black and white and for me captures the laid back attitude of the cubans.

Its too hot to work, originally uploaded by AustinT.

In the second I think the colour definately helps. i tried converting it to black and white but i just like the clour of the flowers too much. This definately would have been much better taken with something other than a little point and click camera!

You want some flowers?, originally uploaded by AustinT.


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