Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Gay Robert Smith

halloween10, originally uploaded by AustinT.

My mate John truly did look like a gay Robert Smith.
Rory looked a bit startled
I looked as you would expect from someone beside a gay cure singer and startled computer game soldier.

More of the weekends halloween pics...

halloween9, originally uploaded by AustinT.

More of Phil, looking dodgy/cool.. and in the background his brother Andrew, looking like a mean sullen Arnie in commando.

halloween8, originally uploaded by AustinT.

Here he looks a bit more cheery. this must have been after he defeated the entire armies of several small nations.

halloween11, originally uploaded by AustinT.

Another of Steph, the bun in the oven, looking gorgeous as ever.

halloween13, originally uploaded by AustinT.

Fianlly... Rory's girlfriend Jen looking great as whatsername from scooby doo (Daphne?)

There are a few more on the flikr account if you want to go and have a look. The only reason these are here and the others aren't is that firstly, I prefer these photographs, secondly, i am too lazy to put them all here.

I also took a lot of shots with film. But as I still dont have a negative scanner, it will probably be a long time before any of those make it online.

Well thats the halloween postings done.



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