Monday, October 30, 2006


Huh?, originally uploaded by AustinT.

Was at a halloween party in my good mate Rory's house on Saturday night. This photo was taken afterwards. Steph and I were staying in my parents place and I found this in a cupboard while looking for sugar or something. Halloween makes everything evil. This was taken with my cam phone so the quality is sucky.

Halloween1, originally uploaded by AustinT.

This was myself and Steph in costume. A baker with a bun in the oven.

This is a shot taken by Rory with his shiny new D70!

Halloween3, originally uploaded by AustinT.

This is Rory himself. He was dressed as something from some computer game. I have no idea what, but it was an excellent costume.

Halloween2, originally uploaded by AustinT.

This is Fiona, dressed as a goth ballerina. She hates photos of herself but I think she will like this one.

Halloween4, originally uploaded by AustinT.

Phil was wearing what was, to me, the most disturbing costume of the night. He let his beard grow all week then shavved it down to the moustache on the day, wore the worst suit, worst shoes, worst shades and worst shirt he could get his hands on.. and... the disturbing bit was... it suited him. He actually looked good.

Halloween6, originally uploaded by AustinT.

Admittedly he does look seriously dodgy. But its a cool sorta dodgy.

Halloween5, originally uploaded by AustinT.

Rik came in a very professional looking Court jester ourtfit.

This post is now officially TOO LONG. Thats enough for today. More tomorrow or whenever.


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