Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What? Another day off?

So, at the weekend I tried to continue my new regime as planned. I decided to go to an advanced spin class. I figure, I've been to one class now, that makes me advanced.
Of course, I don't want to make things too easy, so I figure I might as well run to the leisure centre.
So, I run 4 miles, then endure an hour of spinning like crazy while being yelled at by a small woman who really missed her calling as a drill instructor in the US marine corps.
Tough, but fun
Sunday I rounded off the week with a four mile run. Should have been longer but due to a combination of factors (my birthday, oversleeping, dinner at the in-laws and a blister about the size of county cork on the sole of my foot) I figured 4 miles would do it.
So, that is one week of my 10 week half marathon training complete. A 23 mile week... Not bad considering most of the last month I've been totally out of action.
Today, monday was another day off due to travel.


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